For smart phone users, especially using Windows Mobile as their operating system can enjoy the benefits of Firefox browser features through their handhelds. Recently Mozilla Foundation released a browser application with bat head logo which named Fennec.

Initially, Fennec was created to work on Nokia Internet Tablet which using Maemo, its own operation system. For Windows Mobile, Fennec is still available in alpha version. Although it is allocated for Windows Mobile 6, you can also try it to other version.

Fennec in alpha version is intended for testing. Though you can use it now, it’s still not perfect. However, Fennec alpha has been completed with some main features. The features are adopting Firefox for PC like add-ons manager, download manager, folder and editing bookmark, and also slide and enlarge the display feature. Mozilla has added TraceMonkey, a special JavaScript engine and Jemalloc, a memory management library. Tabbing system to open several sites in one window like in Firefox is available, though has been changed to thumbnail.

Moreover, Mozilla offers Fennec in PC/Mac version too, so that other handhelds which do not use Windows Mobile can also participate. You can find complete information, download, and install it in this site.


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